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General discrete sensor
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General discrete sensors include photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, vision sensors. Photoelectric sensors and proximity sensors account for about 80% of the overall market, and the two sensors is also a major supplier of sensor products in the mainstream. Extensive use of discrete sensors in China, is a relatively mature market, in addition to market new projects and new machinery and equipment, there is a small amount of replacement each year, so unless there is a large number of related projects to stimulate investment or will maintain a relatively stable growth . From the firm's performance, the predominance of foreign firms. Omron comprehensive product range and general utility based on the sensor market, photoelectric switches and proximity switches its two products in the market segment share of more than 15%.

As the distribution of industrial applications in the field of great breadth, the growth of discrete sensors and industrial economic growth indeed closely related. The macroeconomic trends, namely, discrete changes in the basic line sensor market. Therefore, the long-term growth curve and a more cursory level of observation, and investment is basically consistent.

Europe and the United States Department of brands, Turck, Shi Ke and Bonner targeted at high-end market. Keyence, Japan and South Korea Autonics Department of products such as a certain market power of the brand. As the Japanese and Korean enterprises in close partnership with the world in access to new international markets at the beginning, choice of upstream and downstream industries related products, it is usually the corresponding Japanese and Korean companies selected as equipment suppliers, so as to drive the market development.

Discrete sensor market foreign brands account for nearly 70% of the market, local companies occupy about 30% of discrete sensor market.

Photoelectric switch, proximity switch and limit switch low technology threshold, in addition to comprehensive automation companies to provide relevant products, there existed a large number of professional sensor manufacturers, according to statistics, the number of local Chinese manufacturers has exceeded 100 . Local brands in recent years has been rapid development in product sales in 2008 accounted for the overall market on 2 / 3. But because its products are aimed at low-end market, prices are far lower than the imported brands, resulting in sales revenue than foreign brands. Currently in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Yueqing, Dongtou, Dongguan has formed industrial clusters, each place has a few to dozens of large scale manufacturers.

Discrete sensor market segments in China - Product Category


(Million) ratio

Photoelectric sensor 696 53.1%

Close to the sensor 614 46.9%

Total 1310 100.0%

Discrete sensor market segments in China - by category

Judging from the overall market, or to sell optical sensor-based, accounting for 53.1% of the overall market, the use of discrete sensors with the extensive application of automation products was increasing in recent years.

Discrete sensor market segments in China - Industry

As the market of discrete sensors and the user's usage characteristics, can be divided into two completely different markets: project-based market and the OEM market, in discrete sensors traditional project-based industry, metallurgy, automobiles in 2009 is still the market of discrete sensors major industry, especially in the metallurgical industry, in the discrete sensors account for a large proportion of the market.


Electricity, oil and gas, municipal, chemical use discrete sensors are quite small, the industries mainly pressure transmitter, and material level meters, flow meters and other instruments based.


Project-based market, discrete sensors are generally procured through the device as a whole. Users on the stability of discrete sensors, safety very seriously, more value for brand awareness. The main supplier of discrete sensors and design institutes, contacts, to institute the recommended sensor. Ifm, Turck, Balluff, Shi Ke is the main brand. Other brands is difficult to enter metallurgy, the automotive industry. It is worth mentioning that the transport sector, starting in 2008, the state began to rail and subway for a new round of large-scale investments, but to the discrete sensors in the industry. Discrete sensors in 2009 the proportion of the transport sector continue to rise.

In another large class of discrete sensor market - OEM market, the 2008 sales volume of discrete sensors around in 978 million, accounting for discrete sensor market 74.7%. Of textile machinery, packaging, machine tools and other traditional industries are still the main market of discrete sensors. It is also worth mentioning that the wind power industry, due to the rapid development in recent years, wind power industry has begun to take shape, for the application of discrete sensors began initial maturity. I believe the next few years, wind power industry will become the next major discrete sensor market.

OEM industry is often price sensitive industry, with competition intensifying, OEM manufacturers profits are diluted, which makes the OEM manufacturers continue to compress the procurement cost. OEM manufacturers of discrete sensor is most concerned about brand awareness, product and price stability.

OEM manufacturers of discrete sensors in the use of the brand has a certain continuity, in the ordinary case the user does not specify the brand of discrete sensors, is used when the user specifies a user-specified brands.


(Million) ratio

Photoelectric sensor 178 53.6%

Close to the sensor 154 46.4%

Total 332 100.0%

Discrete sensor market segments in China - by category (item type market)


(Million) ratio

Photoelectric sensor 518 53.0%


Close to the sensor 460 47.0%

Total 978 100.0%

Discrete sensor market segments in China - by category (OEM market)

Technological innovation has become the main driver of industrial PC market


With continuous innovation and breakthrough technology, industrial PC market has undergone considerable development. For example: Atom processor has been widely, computational power, robustness and fault protection has been significantly improved performance

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