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TR20 wireless sensors
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Easy to understand, easy to install Is easy to install wireless sensors. Posted on the wall to the controller module and line receivers: communication will start automatically. Any field configuration is necessary. Sensors and receivers shipped together a package. 2 packages cover most of the application, simplifying the contractor inventory. A sensor on the LED light indicates whether the RF signal strength immediately, eliminating the guessing. Report all TR20 wireless temperature sensor space. Select models are also available for a given value adjustments and coverage. "TR20 wireless sensors allow the contractor to provide all the benefits of wired sensors, but they are significantly faster, especially in the installation of reconstruction work," Dave said, Mexico, general manager, Honeywell building control system. "Going wireless has also increased the flexibility to retain the building's exterior, spare parts and decorative walls and eliminates the need to repair the wall decoration or repair the damage."
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