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High-quality Temperature Sensor

 Docorom Precision Industry(Germany)Limited provides not only various kinds of often-used RTD and Thermocouple in Industrial Area,but also the Temperature Sensors in extreme environment under different atrocious conditions,for example,high temperature condition,high pressure condition,strong corrosiveness condition,heavy wear condition or heavy scour condition etc.In addition,DOCOROM also offers a full temperature-testing solution and customer-design products according to customers’own conditions or special requirements.


 Thermometer is a general name of measuring instruments.We distributed the thermometers into Gas Thermometer,Resistance thermometer and Thermocouple Thermometer etc.according to the various substances and temperature ranges.With the development of scientific&technical and the demand of modern industry technology,the temperature-testing technology enhances itself continually.As the range of temperature has been increasingly,DOCOROM manufactures the variety

High-intelligence Pressure Transmitter

Safety of a factory needs to be a propriety: equipment must have both reliability and accuracy as far as pressure measurement is concerned. DOCOROM Pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter both have the latest Industry certification, the perfect combination of International leading technology and material to ensure the customers’  application with lower prices. 

Photoelectricity sensor

 Photoelectricity sensors are now widely used in Food Processing Industry,Mining Industry,Chemical Industry,Metallurgical Industry,Injection Machine Industry,Textile Industry,Machine-tool Industry,Power Plant,wire& Cable Factory,Paper Mill,Cement Plant,Beer Brewery,Mineral-water Factory, Beverage Factory,Paper cup Plant,Assembly line Factory,Pad printer plant,equipment control of Steel enterprise Automation etc.

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